Privacy Policy of Helicopter Booking

In this section, you will get information on the helicopter service's privacy policy in India. This is very important because when you visit a new website on the Internet, the privacy policy is a collection of information that is useful for every new user to read. In the privacy policy, all those details are explained, including how this website keeps the information of a new user safe and whether the details are saved on its server. The company strongly advises and suggests that everyone stay up to date on its details because it may come in handy in the future. It is better to explain all points section-wise, so let's read all the privacy policies of the helicopter booking service below.

#1. Privacy Policy Changes:

We may update its privacy policy from time to time due to changes in the company's schemes and plans. We always advise all visitors to review our Privacy Policy regularly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to always be up to date with our Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the company does not take any responsibility for this. It may help you a lot to understand everything carefully. Your continued use of this site after any change in the helicopter privacy policy will constitute your acceptance of such a change.

#2. Website Visitors:

We will save general information about the users who visit our website. The website also stores the browser details for a better user experience. It helps to understand the website and how you are using it. This is a piece of simple information that is being saved by our website; there's nothing to worry about. Rather, due to this information, your user experience will be even better. We do not sell any personal details to third parties, so you can use this website without any problem.

#3. Security:

We will always be aware of any type of illegal or malicious activity. Our security experts are always working on ways to make our security patch stronger. We are the best helicopter company for this service, and our strong point is our reliable security service. That's why we will always protect your information and your privacy.

#4. Advertisements:

You may see advertising on its website in the future from our faithful advertising partners, but there are no embarrassing-type ads shown on the website. All ads are similar to your search and the previous search on the internet; it depends on your browser's cookies. The main purpose of doing advertising shows is that we can tell you about new and interesting information so that you can take advantage of those services as well.

#5. Links To External Sites:

You may occasionally see external links on our website where an attempt is made to explain the same information to you in a different way. The purpose of doing this is that if you are not satisfied with the information given by us, then you can go to our external link and read the information there, which may be of help to you, and this external link doesn't need to be used only to convey the same information differently; the external link is also used by all the websites to give new information. If you want, you can visit these types of external links, but you have to take care that no third-party website is operated by us, so before using that website, you must read the privacy policy and terms of use of that website once. By the way, we would like to tell you that we have not added any such external link that may be harmful to our visitors. Our experts have researched every single external link and added it to our website. So without any hassle, you can go to such websites and get the information there.

#6. COVID-19 Updates:

This disease is spread all over the world, to eliminate it, many scientists and doctors around the world are engaged and to a large extent this dangerous disease has been removed and the work is going on. It is hoped that the whole world will get rid of this disease as soon as possible. For this, we need to help each other, and all we need is that you follow all the protocols to avoid this disease and get the vaccine.

#7. Booking tickets:

If you want to fly by helicopter to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Amarnath, Vaishno Devi, and more, then you are in the very right place. We offer a variety of services for this tour and trip. Contact us via phone, or you can fill out the helicopter booking form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

#9. Receiving mail by HB:

We would like to inform you that when you book a ticket for any location, you will receive an email from the official mail ( with all of your booking details.

Note: The point to be noted here is that if you receive any mail from a different mail ID, then you should not respond to that mail and inform the company so that we can take action against such people and places as soon as possible.