Dream Yatra of Shri Kedarnath by Helicopter Ride

Dream Yatra of Shri Kedarnath by Helicopter Ride

Kedarnath is one of the holy places in the Hindu religion. Millions of pilgrims visit the Kedarnath Temple, and the number of people is increasing every year. Kedarnath Yatra is one of the most famous yatra in India, and people consider going here an act of charity. Kedarnath is located in Uttrakhand, India, and is situated at an astonishing elevation of 3553 meters. Kedarnath temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and also part of the Char Dham Yatra. Today we have shared all the details about the Kedarnath Yatra so that you do not need to go anywhere for such information.

Kedarnath Helicopter Booking

The motorable road towards Kedarnath stretches until Gauri Kund. The only way to reach the temple is a long, 18-kilometer trek from Gauri Kund. Many elderly people are not able to travel the long trek route, so we have started Kedarnath helicopter services, which are best suited to them. The helicopter service to Kedarnath has now become a preferred mode of travel for many pilgrims who don’t want to take the road journey. Thousands of pilgrims and travelers each year visit Kedarnath through this mode of travel.

If you want to visit Kedarnath, then you must book your tickets soon because 80% of bookings are full to date. You can fill out the online helicopter booking form for Kedarnath and get your confirmed tickets. If you have any questions, then ask the expert anytime.

Is the Kedarnath Yatra open all year?

Kedarnath Yatra will be open for 2024 on May 10, and it will be closed on November 20, 2024.

It is a very holy place for the Hindu religion, and the Pandit and many saints have decided to open this temple every year for a few months. Mostly, it started on Janmashtami and closed before Diwali. It is not compulsory, but it is always the most common month for the Kedarnath temple to be open for darshan.

Kedarnath helicopter booking 2024

Here is good news for all travelers: Kedarnath helicopter bookings for 2024 started on April 25. So those who want to do this journey this year, without delay, book your ticket today through our service and enjoy this journey. We assure you that you will not face any kind of problem with our service, and at Kedarnath Temple, we will reach you by helicopter. So without further delay, contact us today or confirm your booking by using our online booking form.

Kedarnath helicopter booking price

The Kedarnath helicopter price is affordable for all but may be more or less depending on the booking location of the customer. There are many helipads to go to Kedarnath, where Phata, Sirsi, Guptkashi, and more are present, and the prices of all these places are different. So you should make sure from which helipad you want to go to Kedarnath and make your booking from the helipad that is closest to your location or that you feel is convenient for reaching there. By the way, we are sharing the same-day return price list below so that you will get an idea of how much the booking helicopter price will be from your location.

Location One Way Two Way
Phata to Kedarnath Rs. 2,887 Rs. 5,774
Guptkashi to Kedarnath Rs. 4,063 Rs. 8,126
Sirsi to Kedarnath Rs. 2,886 Rs. 5,772
Sitapur to Kedarnath Rs. 2,815 Rs. 5,630

Kedarnath helicopter booking contact number

All people face the problem of going to Kedarnath, and many such questions are present in the mind that one wants to know before making the trip. It is right that while going on any journey, you should make a complete estimate of the conditions, weather, and expenses there so that you do not have to face any kind of problem after reaching there. So if you have questions about this problem, you can contact us. We are sharing below the Kedarnath helicopter booking contact number, through which you can contact us for any work or get any kind of information related to this trip.

Kedarnath's contact number proves to be very beneficial every year because many situations are impossible to solve for everyone, especially those who visit there for the first time. In such a situation, those people have a lot of difficulty understanding the weather and conditions there. It happens. In this situation, you need our help very much. So without any hesitation, you can contact us at any time and ask any kind of question related to your travel. We are always ready for you.

What time does the Kedarnath helicopter booking open?

If you take our service, then our helicopter is available every hour, so you should not worry about this, and of course, we will manage all the other things related to our service. The first helicopter ride is available at 6:00 a.m., and the last one is at 7:00 p.m. Meanwhile, you can book a helicopter at any time. If you are planning to visit Kedarnath, then without any delay, book your slot today and enjoy our service on your scheduled date. We assure you that you will never face any issues with our service and that your trip with us will be a lifelong memory.

Phata to Kedarnath helicopter booking

Going to Kedarnath from Phata is the most popular, and every year the maximum number of Kedarnath tickets are booked from the Phata helipad. Phata is one such city in Jammu and Kashmir from where it is considered most convenient to go to Kedarnath, and this city is full of every facility due to which all the travelers are at ease and there is no problem of any kind. Phata Helipad to Kedarnath helicopter booking is the most booked location and receives the most passengers. That's why Phata is considered the most popular city to visit Kedarnath. Phata to Kedarnath helicopter booking online has started for this year, so the person who is planning to go this year should get his helicopter booking done today itself because it becomes very difficult to get a Kedarnath ticket ahead of time.

Kedarnath helicopter booking price 2024

We can understand that the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who wants to book a helicopter for Kedarnath is the price, and they are eager to know what the price of a helicopter booking this year is. So we want to inform those people that there is good news for you this year also, so you can contact us without any delay to confirm your helicopter booking time and date and, without any hesitation, enjoy our service and your journey, making it a lifelong memory. Like last year, this year's Kedarnath helicopter booking price 2023 is the same.

Helicopter booking online

There are many places that claim to make helicopter bookings. But we want to make you aware that there are many websites and agencies on the internet that can do wrong with you and take you on the wrong path in the name of helicopter booking, so by visiting such places, you abstain from contact with any people. Regarding Kedarnath helicopter booking or recording of any other journey, do not contact anyone by searching on the internet, because in such a situation, you can also go into the wrong hands, where you can be harmed. In such a situation, you should only go to a verified website. There is a need to contact only, and we want to give you the good news that where you are now is verified by the government, which can get online helicopter booking done anywhere in India.

You do not need to make much effort to make an online helicopter booking. Directly go to our online booking form, fill in all your information correctly, and contact us, or we will personally contact you at the number you provided to confirm your booking (this may take time) and provide you with a ticket to travel to your destination. That's why we want to tell you that you should contact us immediately after booking so that your ticket status does not expire and you get the ticket at the right time. Helicopter booking online for 2024 has started, so whatever destination you want a helicopter ride to go to, contact us today, get the booking done, and enjoy our service.

Phata Helipad to Kedarnath Yatra | Sirsi Helipad to Kedarnath Dham

Phata is the most talked-about helipad, from where more bookings are done for the Kedarnath helicopter every year. There are many other reasons for booking from here, as you get all kinds of facilities here. For example, there is a good facility for food, drink, and living, and from here there is also a good transport facility so that you do not have to face any kind of problem. Helicopter bookings for Kedarnath Cave have started. If you want to book from here, then contact us today without any delay and get confirmation of your booking so that you do not have to face any such problem if you do not get a booking in the future.

This is the helipad from where the Kedarnath helicopter booking price is lowest. So you can choose Sirsi Helipad for the Kedarnath Yatra if you feel it is more convenient; otherwise, we recommend Phata Helipad. For more information or details, you can contact us anytime, and we will suggest a more convenient location near your location.

Kedarnath helicopter booking customer care | Kedarnath helicopter helpline number

If you need any kind of information, then you can call helicopter booking customer care, and they will give you great information about your concern. We have much-experienced staff for your service so that you have satisfaction because customer satisfaction is our success key. We always focus on our quality customer service for Kedarnath helicopter bookings. We also have a doubts helpline number that may help you with your doubts and booking issues. The Kedarnath helicopter booking helpline received a great response last year, and we set a record for the support department. We assure you all, pilgrims, that they are never disappointed with any kind of issue; we are present here only for you.

Heliservices to Kedarnath | Kedarnath heli service

By the way, there are many platforms that harass people in the name of Kedarnath Heli Service. So contacting any such place without recharge can prove harmful to you, and you can be taken down the wrong path. In such a situation, you need to contact the right place, where you can get genuine information and quality service. Kedarnath Heli Service has become the most booked service in all of India, as it broke all the records last year. The way helicopter booking was done last year has never been done to date, and this year also, a similar booking is expected, so if you are intending to take the Kedarnath Heliservice, then without any delay, contact us today or send us your details through our online booking form. We will book the tickets for you on your specified date.


Kedarnath is such a place where everyone is eager to go in the Hindu religion, but everyone can't go there due to many reasons. Firstly, it is located at a very high altitude. Second, the environment here is quite different from your city. which also affects your health. But still, thousands of people come here every year. So if you are also thinking of coming here, then we have shared all the information related to it above, which you have probably read. We hope that you have gotten all the information related to the Kedarnath helicopter booking and are ready to book through us now. We will be very glad to have you as our customer and promise to serve you further in the future. The easiest and most convenient way to visit Kedarnath Temple is by helicopter, as everyone can't go there on foot. In such a situation, you are in dire need of a ride, and what better ride than a helicopter? Make online helicopter bookings with our service. We assure you that you will not face any kind of problem during or after our service, and you will remember our visit forever.

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